Trim & Woodwork Painting, Staining and Refinishing

At Minneapolis Interior Paint Pros, our professional painters don’t look at a single task as too large or too small to put the full weight of our experience behind. It’s often by providing the best possible solutions to even minor work that can make the most significant impact in the overall appearance of your Minneapolis property. When choosing to reach out to our experts for your needs, you can depend on the highest level of care and attention to be put into every service we provide.

Door Trim

Your various doors often come with a fully completed appearance, which can include the color. When looking to paint your door trim in a way that either highlights or contrasts the look of your installed door, working alongside our design professionals will provide you with the full range of color options you’re looking for. With the right level of attention brought to every aspect of your Minneapolis property, you can depend on a service outcome that delivers the perfect interior color no matter how small I detail it may be, giving you the completed look you need.

Window Paint

From window trim to the various wood pieces that are used to complete your windows, we bring the same level of care and attention to this aspect of your home as we do with any of the major locations. We have been providing interior house painting services for long enough to understand that there are no unimportant aspects of your property, meaning that every service that we undertake needs to be carried out to the highest level of our capabilities in order to exceed your expectations. With the quality you need within reach, it just takes making the choice to call.

Wood Paneling

Across your property, there are a variety of different surfaces that can benefit from the natural appearance of wood paneling. Whether you’re looking for a paint option to change the overall color scheme or quality wood staining that will bring out the natural beauty of these installations, making the choice to reach out to Minneapolis Interior Paint Pros will provide you with the highest quality products in the hands of skilled professionals, continually putting the full weight of their experience behind every service provided to your property. With affordability at the forefront, there’s never been a better time than now.

Painting Wood Furniture

Bringing our professional attention to the various furniture pieces within your property is all a part of our service commitment. We are dedicated to bringing the best in Minneapolis interior painting no matter the surface and when reaching out to our experts for your needs, you can count on a result that is steeped in experience. Whether you’re looking to paint a futon, table, chairs or otherwise, making the choice to reach out our professionals will provide you with the quality results you’re looking for no matter the aspect of your property. Our professional painters are here to provide you with the best results.