Window Restoration

Throughout our many years of bringing quality interior house painting to the Minneapolis area, we have accumulated a wide variety of skills, giving us the capability to deliver a full range of service options. One of which, that has been gaining popularity over the last number of years is our window restoration service. Providing you with a full stripping, sanding and re-coloring or staining of your windows, you have the capability to completely transform the look and feel of these portals to the outside world.

Stripping Down

The foundational steps in any professional service are often the most important and when it comes to providing you with window restoration, the initial stripping of previous paint and stain is key. With the experience that we bring to each of our services, you can depend on these initial steps to be carried out with the highest level of attention to detail in order to ensure the best foundation in which to prime and paint upon. We understand that every step in our painting process is an important one and therefore put the necessary care and attention into every aspect of service.

Prime Products

Before any paint can be applied to your windows, the right primer needs to be put in place first. Throughout our many years of bringing interior painting Minneapolis area residents can count on, we have selected only the best products to use in each aspect of our services. This provides the best possible foundation in which to build color upon and to provide you with the best quality outcome that has the capability to last. With the right products in the hands of skilled professionals, you have the capability to obtain the end results you desire with just a simple phone call.

Color Options

Of course, when it comes to providing the actual window paint, you can count on Minneapolis Interior Paint Pros to always provide you with the widest selection of options to choose from. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the right range of choice made available in order to fulfill the desire you see in your mind when it comes to your various installations. Whether you’re looking for a color that seamlessly blends into surrounding walls or provides you with that splash in contrast, you can be sure that our professionals will provide you with those options.

Full Transformation

At Minneapolis Interior Paint Pros, we believe in the transformative capabilities that color brings your property. Whether you’ve bought an older home and are looking to renew the appearance of the windows within or it’s simply time for a change in your surroundings, making the choice to recheck our professional painters will provide you with the quality window paint you’re looking for and the affordability you need to make the call. We are dedicated to the best interior paint cost in the Minneapolis area and all it takes is making the choice to pick up the phone and reaching out to our experts.